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Mastic Asphalt Roofs in Plymouth

Mastic Asphalt Roofing System is a combination of limestone powder mixed with limestone aggregate. It makes the perfect material to deliver a roof surface required to be seamless, durable and smooth. It provides excellent waterproof reliability and can be considered by some as one of the most conventional materials for construction there is globally. It continues to be developed and still commonly used as it moves forward with modern technologies containing advanced polymer foundations to enhance is performance. The only drawback it has is it does require some form of thermal protection and can turn brittle when it sets.

The Positives to a Mastic Asphalt roof:
  • Competitive in value and price
  • Suitable for most size of roof
  • Very hard wearing
  • Long lifespan
The Negatives to a Mastic Asphalt roof:
  • Needs a strong roof structure
  • Fairly heavy
  • Not all that flexible
  • Not DIY friendly
Mastic asphalt roof

Mastic Asphalt roofing system is not uncommon and has been in use for many years delivering very good results. This too has developed over the years resulting in modern day asphalt containing polymer formulations improving it still further. Not only for roofing purposes it can also be suitable for use for a variety of different tasks such as:

  • Flooring
  • Tanking
  • Damp proofing
  • And we cant forget – Roofing

It is versatile and can be laid and guided around posts, curves, structures, roof lights, and up stands as it can be applied and laid on any solid rigid surface such as timber, metal or concrete. The material is heated up in a asphalt boiler. It is then applied, trowelled around details as required and laid on the roof while it is still very hot. Once it cools the result is a hard durable roof. The life span can easily reach 40-years plus.

Some facts regarding Mastic Asphalt Roofing System

It can cost up to 30% more expensive than a traditional torch on felt system.

It can be used on a variety of roof sizes apart from a thin fragile roof or a heavily sloped roof. It is durable and strong once cured and does not need a hot exposed flame for installation.

It can handle an abundance of abuse and footfall. It is very strong and once cured sets hard very much like asphalt pavement.

It is easy and relatively cost effective to repair. Repair methods can be from a liquid repair to a torch on felt repair. It is possible to lay another roof over the existing roof such as a complete new 3-layer torch on felt system over the existing asphalt. This could be a 50-year old roof getting a make over to lengthen its life another possible 30-years.

Again its not unpleasant to look at. It has a matt light grey finish producing very clean lines if laid correctly.

The roof construction that the asphalt is to be applied to must be of strong design as the asphalt can be heavy so the roof needs to be able to support the additional weight and not move.

The existing roof construction cannot have any rising moisture build up underneath the roof such as rising damp issues. This will lead to bubbles slowly rising in the surface commonly known in the trade as 'goose eggs'.

Mastic asphalt roof
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