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Chimney Rpeairs in Plymouth

Chimney repairs

Chimneys in general are usually taken for granted. They accessibility is a pain so they are uncared for and not often talked about until they go wrong and need some attention. It is our recommendation as part of a roof maintenance plan you should get your chimney looked over and checked annually and a close inspection every 5-years.

A chimney depending on its size is built with a large number of bricks or blocks and its only when to take one down you see how much mortar and brick goes into building one by the amount of rubble you have to clear. If your chimney was to collapse the damage it could inflict is just unthinkable. Lets analyse what potentially could be in its path if it was to collapse.

Potential damage to:
  • Your roof coverings
  • Guttering & rainwater goods
  • Your front & rear gardens
  • Parked cars
  • Pedestrians
  • Kids playing in the garden
  • Granny drinking her Pimm's in the back garden
Do you see what we mean? Not a pleasant thought is it?

Chimney work is not DIY friendly at all. Qualified, experienced tradesmen who know what they are doing should only undertake this work. Here at Acorn Roofing Solutions (ARS) can help, from a cowl or shank pot renewal to a complete hack off and re-render or a rebuild we can accommodate you safely and swiftly.

Chimney Work & Repairs include:
  • Repairs to cracking, crumbling masonry
  • Natural stone replacement
  • Rake out and re-pointing
  • Blockage clearing
  • Lime mortar re-pointing
  • Cowl, vents and pot renewals or re-bedding
  • Minor works to repair & rebuild
  • Major works to repair & rebuild
  • Take down and cap over
  • Complete take down & rebuild
  • Lead flashings renewal
Why Choose Acorn Roofing Solutions (ARS):
  • Over 25-years of experience
  • A team of qualified experienced tradesmen
  • Sandstone & Stonemasonry Restoration Specialists
  • All our staff are vetted on previous work
  • Only original Lime mortar used where necessary
  • Free surveys
  • Free no obligation quotations
  • Competitive pricing

Here at Acorn Roofing Solutions (ARS) provide a complete chimney service. From damaged element exposure renovation work to brick chimney repairs we are you one stop team of qualified experienced tradesmen with a abundance of knowledge and knowhow. Whatever the problem, call us as we can help.

Total rebuild of chimney works

The roof and eaves protect the brick and other materials that make up your home. However, its not the case for the chimney, it is positioned right on top of the roof all by itself and is fully exposed to all the weathering elements the UK has to offer. When moisture penetrates masonry from constant battering it can begin to deteriorate and weaken rapidly resulting in integrity failure from the stress.

Once you notice the chimney bricks are flaking or crumbling or have severe mortar or render deterioration and it’s beginning to lean, its time to start thinking about a total rebuild. This can usually be performed without removing the hearth, firebox or smoke chamber.

Chimney repairs

The top component of a chimney rebuild is called the crown. It extends over the edge and looks after the top section of the chimney. It provides protection to the rebuild from under by preventing the necessity for a rebuild again in the future and fireplace chimney maintenance repairs. The motor applied in a crown is not able to withstand many years of constant battering from weathering elements so it ends up cracking, crumbling, chipping and eventually failing letting water penetration win.

Partial rebuild of chimney works

This work is allocated for only small chimneys or the top courses to a much larger chimney. Usually scaffolding is no required but in some cases it is.

Chimney rebuild from roofline

This is when there is no hope left to confidently restore the chimney. The mortar has degraded beyond repair, the bricks are crumbling from the roof up or the chimney is significantly leaning. Its time to take the complete chimney down to the roofline as close as possible and rebuild it once again.

Chimney Surveys & Inspections

Unfortunately nothing lasts forever. You can schedule in for your chimney to be inspected and cleaned at regular intervals but eventually after many years it will acquire some issues that will need some TLC from an experienced expert. It may just be a blockage needing clearing, lack of draw or too much draw or an issue with the downdraught or a complete refurbishment and restoration. Our surveys are equipped with drones and cameras where required so we can get a closer more detailed inspection, so if its just a birds nest causing a blockage we can diagnose the issue very quickly and simply without the use of a scaffold. We have the ideal repair team who are skilled experience tradespersons to source your full repair getting your chimneys health back to 100% fighting fit. We can provide flue cleaning and cowl or vent replacements to stop possible downdraughts and stop those pesky birds from nesting aga

If you are looking at chimney repairs but unsure how much you need or how its to be configured, please contact Acorn Roofing Solutions (ARS) and a member of our team will be happy to help or advise you, book a free survey and pop out and take a look to ease your mind. CALL – Acorn Roofing Solutions (ARS) now on 01752 201077

We can help

As we are a part of the Acorn group we work closely with Acorn Building Solution (ABS) who specialise in the refurbishment and restoration sector so from time to time it may be necessary for us to arrange necessary chimney restoration work. We supply on the very best service within a estimated cost ensuring it meets all current building regulations and maintaining the highest standard of health and safety to our staff and the general public at all times.

People we work for

We are devoted in helping anyone who is requiring our help in Plymouth and the South West area. We work with estate agents, block management agents, insurance companies, and investment companies all in the private sector and the commercial sector.

We have a close working relationship with our clients at all times. This means they know that what we provide will be exactly what they need and have requested.

We will make an appointment and one of our surveyors will pop round to see you, survey the project, have a chat and give you some free advice. Our team is dedicated in listening to what you have to say and accommodating your every need. We will advice on what we think be best and never recommend doing any more than is required or necessary. We also we attempt a solution that stays within a budget you my have.

Our professional team of qualified tradesmen technicians carries out all our work to the highest standard causing you as minimal disruption as possible to your day-to-day life and always leaves the job clean and tidy on a daily basis. We have a Public liability of £10 million pound that can be viewed on request.

As time passes your roof gets older and as with everything in life problems occur
  • Materials break down and crack
  • Mortar cracks and falls out
  • Lead work can split and loose its shape
  • Tiles or slates can crack, become loose and slip
  • Timber can rot
  • TWater penetration into your loft space
  • Render cracks
  • Paint flakes
So whom can you trust to put these defects right?

Only too many times have I seen poor workmanship and incorrect installations from bad advice. Be certain you have the correct advice and information from an approved contractor so as your roof gets the attention it needs at the right price.

Here at Acorn Roofing Solutions (ARS) can help you on any roof related item from a slipped slate to a full complex roof or new build you can count on us to assist you with professional unbiased advice to get you on the right track. Our surveys and staff have gained their knowledge and knowhow from being in the industry for over 20 years and their experience is second to none. What we quote is what you pay, nothing more.

Please feel free to contact us for help or advice
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If you are interested in booking a survey for any of our services or just a roof safety check, please contact Acorn Roofing Solutions (ARS) and a member of our team will be happy to help or advise you.

CALL – Acorn Roofing Solutions (ARS) now on 01752 201077

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